Using film…

A while back I took a vintage Nikon F4S for a walk on Ocean City’s boardwalk. I was thinking at the time that shooting with film requires a level of discipline that shooting digital does not. No auto ISO, no automatic bracketing and the prospect of paying to develop crappy pictures, returns photography to something Read More

Grand babies on the Fourth of July

Read More

Vermont with film…

  On our recent Vermont trip I shot both digital and film. As is the case most times, the film version provides a better image, though it might not be that noticeable in low res on a screen. The clarity, contrast and detail of a medium format negative scanned in high-res format is without parallel Read More

An Early Mud Season in Vermont…

I’m sure winter isn’t through with southern Vermont yet this year, but you wouldn’t know it by the weather we had over this past weekend. No snow, no cold and intermittent light rain throughout the weekend. I figured it would be a good time to focus on the grittier, less glamourous scenery in Vermont, a Read More

Over the weekend….

I went out on Saturday and Sunday mornings and headed to the OC boardwalk, Wildwood and Villas to take some shots.  I think as the winter approaches, I’d like to focus on capturing as much of the “old shore” as I can. With all the development and the aftermath of Sandy, a lot of the Read More

Beautiful Fall Morning…

One of the great joys of taking pictures is rising early on a beautiful Fall morning and go, camera in hand, to wherever the road takes you. These shots were taken near Delaware Bay in Commercial Township NJ. Read More

On the ride to work this morning….

When you drive by the same places every morning it’s easy to overlook something special. The Fall colors proved difficult in the fog, but black and white can at least preserve the composition. Read More

Belle Miracle Anne…

        It’s a beautiful Fall morning here at the shore. I drove over to Somers Point and came across this paddle wheel that’s been anchored in the same location since before Sandy. I shot this on film a while back (a previous post). It seems as though the boat is sinking and Read More


One of the things I try to do whenever I’m out taking pictures is to use film as well as digital. I’ve been using The Darkroom in San Clemente CA for developing and scanning recently. They do a great job and aren’t prohibitively expensive. These photos were taken with my trusty Mamiya 6 using Kodak Read More


We got a chance to get away for a few days to one of our favorite spots, Newcastle, Maine. I shot at some new locations this time around, Port Clyde, Tenants Harbor as well as familiar spots like Pemaquid and the Boothbay Harbor region. Maine never fails to impress, with something new pretty much around Read More

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