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One of the things I try to do whenever I’m out taking pictures is to use film as well as digital. I’ve been using The Darkroom in San Clemente CA for developing and scanning recently. They do a great job and aren’t prohibitively expensive. These photos were taken with my trusty Mamiya 6 using Kodak Read More


We got a chance to get away for a few days to one of our favorite spots, Newcastle, Maine. I shot at some new locations this time around, Port Clyde, Tenants Harbor as well as familiar spots like Pemaquid and the Boothbay Harbor region. Maine never fails to impress, with something new pretty much around Read More

A view from the air…

Dawn and I have spent a number of years traveling to this particluar part of Maine. We’ve had the pleasure of staying with our friend Julie at her inn in Newcastle ( It’s a beautful, less disturbed part of an incredibly lovely state and I’d urge anyone who wants to “get away” from it all Read More

Sunrise at Pemaquid Point and New Harbor

Though I’ve shot this lighthouse many times before, it’s always a beautiful place to be at sunrise on a gorgeous day like this one. A number of fellow photographers had the same idea. On the way back to the inn I stopped by New Harbor for a few shots as well.         Read More

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Though we’ve been to this area in Maine many times, there are still a few places we haven’t seen. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is one of them. It’s a very well done facility covering hundreds of acres of the Boothbay peninsula. Well worth the trip. For more information:¬† Read More


As I mentioned on Facebook, most of the images I am really fond of are in storage. However a few shots remain on my MacBook and I thought I’d share them as well. ¬†Since there’s no uniting theme of any kind, I’ll call them “Stragglers” enjoy…..                   Read More