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Using film…

A while back I took a vintage Nikon F4S for a walk on Ocean City’s boardwalk. I was thinking at the time that shooting with film requires a level of discipline that shooting digital does not. No auto ISO, no automatic bracketing and the prospect of paying to develop crappy pictures, returns photography to something Read More

Grand babies on the Fourth of July

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Over the weekend….

I went out on Saturday and Sunday mornings and headed to the OC boardwalk, Wildwood and Villas to take some shots.  I think as the winter approaches, I’d like to focus on capturing as much of the “old shore” as I can. With all the development and the aftermath of Sandy, a lot of the Read More

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A couple of shots….

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A Foggy Weekend in OC

  I took a ride around town last weekend. The shore in fog is always interesting.  At points it was too thick to see or shoot through while at others it gave the images a nice glow.   At the 59th Street public beach.   An institution in OC, the Flanders has been around a Read More


As I mentioned on Facebook, most of the images I am really fond of are in storage. However a few shots remain on my MacBook and I thought I’d share them as well.  Since there’s no uniting theme of any kind, I’ll call them “Stragglers” enjoy…..                   Read More

A Walk on the Beach

One of the great things about living at the shore is obvious, the beach.  Dawn and I took Marley (the greatest dog in the whole world) for a walk a week or so ago.  These images were shot with using infrared light and converted to B/W…. Read More

Infrared Ocean City

I recently had a Panasonic Lumix GF1 converted for use as an infrared camera.  The filter that prevents infrared light from reaching the sensor was removed and the camera calibrated to receive ONLY infrared light.  In color format, this images really look strange. Greens are white, blues are black etc.  When you process the images Read More

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