Early Morning Drive (take 2)

  One of my favorite things about photography is the fact that you can see familiar sights in different ways. These images are all shots I’ve taken before, but this morning they looked different. New flowers and chairs around a familiar boat shed; an old crumbling house enhanced by the filtered morning sunlight or a Read More

Shellpile, NJ

I woke up early this morning and drove across to the Maurice River area. Oysters by the millions were once harvested along this section of the Delaware Bay estuary. I’m not sure where the conch shells fit it, but it’s piqued my curiosity. There remains a packing business or two, but the towns in the Read More


A few new (old) images to the gallery…

Finally finished sifting through my Lightroom photo library. Started with 18,000 images.  By the time I got through editing I am down to just under 4000. In the process I came across these images which I like. Read More

A view from the air…

Dawn and I have spent a number of years traveling to this particluar part of Maine. We’ve had the pleasure of staying with our friend Julie at her inn in Newcastle (www.newcastleinn.com). It’s a beautful, less disturbed part of an incredibly lovely state and I’d urge anyone who wants to “get away” from it all Read More

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Some new images…

I drove over to the old train yard in Tuckahoe to take a few shots with the D800E. Impressive camera, enormous files size considering I’m working from an iPad Pro. Read More

A new post of an old image….

With the design change to the blog I wanted to post a new entry with a photo I don’t think I’ve used before. The image is from Strathmere NJ. Read More

It’s hot outside….

I thought I’d reach back for some winter to cool off….. Read More

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Grand Babies….

  The best thing in the world is being a grandparent. These little guys make me smile every time I see them. Read More

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