Sunrise at Pemaquid Point and New Harbor

Though I’ve shot this lighthouse many times before, it’s always a beautiful place to be at sunrise on a gorgeous day like this one. A number of fellow photographers had the same idea. On the way back to the inn I stopped by New Harbor for a few shots as well.         Read More

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Though we’ve been to this area in Maine many times, there are still a few places we haven’t seen. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is one of them. It’s a very well done facility covering hundreds of acres of the Boothbay peninsula. Well worth the trip. For more information: Read More

The wonder of film…

Some of these photos may be similar to those I posted back on March 15th. These were shot with good old fashioned medium format film with my old Mamiya 6MF. There’s something about shooting with film that makes you stop, think and compose better than with digital.  There are 12 shots on a 120 roll Read More

Ft. Jefferson, The Dry Tortugas National Park

The wind didn’t ground us yesterday and the flight out and back was awesome.  There’s something about flying in a seaplane 500 feet above azure waters, looking at wrecks and sea life. I love seaplanes… I shot four rolls of film and took a few digital snaps to share. The wind at the fort was Read More

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Revisiting some old haunts…

I had a chance to go walking this morning and headed to the cemetery from our hotel. Shot three rolls of good old fashioned analog black and white film with my antique (90’s vintage) Mamiya 6 camera, and a few digital snaps to share here. Hope you enjoy them. Read More

Thinking about palm trees…..

…and orchids. So far this winter has been a challenge in the northeast. I’m sure we’re not through yet. And as peaceful and beautiful as new fallen snow can be, once it lingers a while it’s ugly, dirty and tiresome. There are lot of orchids in Key West. Next month… 🙂 Read More

We Live in a Pretty Place…

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything here. In fact, it took me a few minutes to remember how to load images and use the WordPress editor. It’s been a while since I’ve seriously taken any photos, other than the occasional snap on the cell phone. I think it’s time to Read More


It’s pronounced “Sconset”. How do I describe this place? There are places we’ve been that sometimes you just stand there in awe of how beautiful they are. The Grand North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the sunset in Big Sur, morning in the Sonoma vineyards, sometimes the beauty can bring tears to you eyes. Sconset Read More

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